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Teachers: Relate Well or Pass on Knowledge? – TOEFL Essays Score 27 +

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Relate Well or Pass on Knowledge

Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

A teacher’s ability to relate well with his or her students is more important than the ability to give them knowledge.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


Read the essay topic, and write your ideas.

Brainstorming Relate Well or Pass on Knowledge

Brainstorming Relate Well or Pass on Knowledge


Put your Brianstorming ideas into the outline format.

OUtlining Relate Well or Pass on Knowledge

OUtlining Relate Well or Pass on Knowledge

Writing your Draft

Based on the outline, write your draft.

Write your Draft Relate Well or Pass on Knowledge Bdy Relate Well or Pass on Knowledge

Sample Essay:

Some of the most popular teachers at my school are the ones hanging out with students. But they are not popular with me. I believe a teacher who gives knowledge to students is much better than one who relates well to them.

Nowadays, without knowledge, it is impossible to get ahead in life, so teachers must provide students with as much information as possible. This might make classes more difficult. However, I know in the future I will appreciate these teachers for their contributions to my education. In fact, I already recognize the value of some of my classes. For example, I am currently taking a civics class, where we study the government and current affairs. My teacher loads every class with information. It is difficult, but now I can understand the topics discussed on the TV news or in the
newspapers. I am much more knowledgeable about current affairs than I used to be. I wish all my classes educated me this much.

Secondly, I think there should be an appropriate barrier between teachers and students. It is just inappropriate for them to be close since teachers are too old to be friends with the students. Additionally, I prefer having a student-teacher relationship with my instructors. I simply cannot respect a teacher who acts like a student. Teachers must realize they are authority figures in the classroom. By hanging out with students and acting like them, teachers are lowering themselves in many students’ eyes. This will make it practically impossible for the teacher to gain students’ respect and to teach them anything.

To conclude, teachers should try to give students as much knowledge as possible rather than trying to relate well to them. By educating them, the teacher will prepare them for the future. By keeping a proper distance from them, the teacher can secure their respect.  Respectable teachers who have great knowledge definitely make the best teachers.


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