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Official Guide To The TOEFL Test 4 Edition

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Official Guide To The TOEFL Test 4 Edition

But it becomes a bit repetitive when you see the same advice for the third time. Yes, joining an English club to get speaking practice is a good idea. Is it a revolutionary thought? Not really. Does it help me to see that advice more than once? I probably already knew it anyway, so no.

Writing Style

The writing is generally clear and concrete, which is great. It’s not especially exciting, but that’s okay. It would be nice if there was less focus on the dry, factual information and more focus on the test taker’s experience, but this is not a huge problem.

It’s great that some of the more difficult vocabulary words in the book are defined in footnotes, but this book does include many descriptions and explanations which are not written for non-native speakers. It would be helpful if those non-practice text sections (such as explanations) were very clear and easy to read. If you are already scoring above 80 on the TOEFL, this shouldn’t be a problem. But for the lower levels of TOEFL takers, the English level of the writing might be too difficult.

The Final Word

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The Official Guide to the TOEFL test is the best source for realistic practice tests. It is helpful for students who are unfamiliar with the test but do not expect to need a lot of preparation. If you already know the test, and you need to build your English skills and test-taking skills, this book is only helpful for the practice tests.

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Helpful Reviews

By IgorMA

Perfect for the test!!!!

I have taken TOEFL Test and scored 115/120... Certainly, this book was important during my preparation. Actually, I first bought the Barron's Superpack, and it was really useful because it has 8 model tests, and I really like to overprepare... When there were only a few weeks before the test, I bought this book from the test-makers, and I believe it was a great deal... Even though it only contains 3 model tests (quite a few in my opinion, but ETS is working on it, releasing now volumes with actual tests), they are authentic ones and -as expected- provides students with a real sense of the test difficulty and what the test taker is expected to do in each type of question during the test. It explains all answers comprehensively, highlighting not only why one option is correct, but why the others are wrong. There are also plenty of examples of writing questions with actual students' texts and their scores; the same is true for speaking questions. Finally, the CD-ROM is, in my opinion, really good and I have not experienced any problems with it. However, its design on the screen and the way the students need to go from one question to another is a little bit different from the actual test.
In conclusion, I believe that if you are gonna take the test, buy this book; preferably, if you have time, in addition to another book with more model tests, even though they will not be authentic...


CD HAS to be installed, unlike previous editions

In general, I think the ETS Guide is the best book to use for TOEFL preparation. In fact, I lobbied my college department for years in order to get them to switch to this book for our TOEFL prep program. They finally did, just in time for the 4th edition, and now I am totally pissed off about the CD change that came without warning! In the past editions, teachers could use the CD with their classes, because the CD allowed you to either install the test program or to just listen to the audio tracks. Since teachers are not allowed to install programs onto classroom computers, we now cannot use the part of the CD that requires installation. The 4th edition CD does not allow you to listen to the audio tracks without installing the software. So now all the students have books and the teachers have books, and we cannot play any of the audio tracks in class! There was no indication of that change at all before we got the book. I can't understand why ETS would make that change, surely knowing that many schools order the book for classes and that teachers would not be able easily access the audio tracks in class. Therefore, I give the book 4 stars instead of the 5 it would have otherwise.

By Mike R.

Great Boom for TOEFL + CD Works! UPDATED

I am currently using this book to study for the TOEFL Exam and it is amazing. It has great techniques to save time & score higher as well as alot of previous authentic exam questions. The CD actually works fine and all exams are there but it needs to be installed. Although many people said not all of the exams worked for them, they worked just fine for me. Highly recommended book if you want to score higher than 90 on the TOEFL. Will update with my score as soon as i get it.

Finally got my TOEFL Scores & Highly recommend this. I got a total of 109 from 120 with the least of reading at 24/30. Highly advised to study from this book but if you want a score of 26 or higher in reading you need to have a high knowledge of alot of vocabulary as many of the toefl exams include hard vocabulary.

User Rating: 0.0 (86 votes)

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