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Collocations with “Know”

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Collocation with Know

♻️ Know nothing / know something

I am sorry, I know nothing about that.

♻️ Know where

Do you know where the care keys are?

♻️ Know about

Do you know about the new timetable?

♻️ Know intimately

Michael and Karen know each other intimately they have been in a relationship now for 3 years.

♻️ Know something inside out

Why don’t you ask Patrick he know this company inside out. He has been working here for 20 years.

♻️ Know right from wrong

He was seventeen but he still did not seem to know right from wrong. His parents were constantly telling him.

♻️ Know for certain

I know for certain that they will reject the offer. They have rejected our previous 2 offers.

♻️ I honestly don’t know

I am sorry, I can not help you. I honestly don’t know where you can find that information.

♻️ Let me know

Let me know when that  package arrives please, I am waiting for it.

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