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240 Writing Topics with Sample Essays by LIKE Test Prep

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240 Writing Topics: with Sample Essays

240 Writing Topics: with Sample Essays by LIKE Test Prep

240 Writing Topics is an very thorough book. It outlines and breaks apart the different components of the essay and then teaches you how to write them using a variety of common topics. This book shows you again and again how to structure and phrase your argument to support your thesis.


240 Writing Topics: with Sample Essays

240 Writing Topics: with Sample Essays

-120 Writing Topics
-120 Model Essays
-120 Essay Outlines
-1200 Model Sentences

Great for

-ESL Learners
-High School Students
-Test Prep Students
-College Students

I would recommend this a s practice book for ESL students studying for any type of competency exam. It’s a complete education on how to correctly write an essay.

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Customer reviews on Amazon

Total Review: 56

Great aid

I am an International student and I bought this book as aid for the TOEFL. Indeed, I found this book and its sample essays being really useful. It helped me to gather tons of writing topics and ideas, further it enhanced my AE essay structure. If you are preparing for TOEFL or IELT, you may know how timing is a vital element in all the parts. In the independent essay, I couldn't beat the 30', until I had purchased this book. In other words, the outline essay contained in this book guided me to achieve a good essay within the time limit. (I got 26!). To me, it's worth every penny!

Kevin Parker

Generally speaking, TOEFL for undergraduate students need to obtain a score of 5.5 overall to gain university admission and postgraduate students need a score of 6.5 overall.Hence I got this book. Upon having a quick read on it, I am certain that this can help me a lot to prepare myself as I always find specifically essay writing a nightmare. I can't wait to read all of its contents and make my arsenal complete.Nice one.

Gretchen Cranmer

This manual is a continuation of 120 Writing Topics with Sample Answers, and a companion manual to 240 Speaking Topics with Sample Answers. The topic questions are thought-provoking, and the sample essays are well-written. The introduction covers essay-writing basics, and each question has an outline, a model essay answer, and several single-sentence expressions. It's a good study text for middle or high school students, or students needing to take the IELTS or TOEFL test.


Got this because I wanted to find ways to improve my writing without all of the tutorial stuff. I want the stuff where I can just look, absorb and apply what I have learned to my writing. But I got a whole lot more with this book because the sample essays actually have fun information. I found myself reading just to learn about these random subjects than observing the proper grammar and essay construction. Dual function design and totally loving it!


I'm glad Like Test Prep compiled such a monstrous list of sample essays on different writing topics. The first part of the book had some solid essay writing tips while the rest is full of samples. You can check out each sample in the table of contents so navigation is pretty easy. I admit though that I got a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content. Might be just me but maybe it could have been shorted to like 100 sample essays. I would have considered the paperback version at a reduced price with lesser content resulting to a lighter book. But as a digital copy, I'll gladly keep it and the essays are written well!

Monica Jane

This book is very long but it was worth it. As a student this can be very helpful, not only does it have tons of topics but it guides you each step of the way. This book really teaches you how to start and end many different kinds of essays. The topics suggested were very helpful and well thought, I highly recommend this book to students and aspiring writers.


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